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Cannot connect to app store

Cannot connect to app store

The error message “cannot connect to app store” appears when there is trouble connecting your device to the server due to technical or regional matters. The Apple app store is consistently updating. Apple Inc tries to comply with the latest technology by upgrading the existing infrastructure. Also, due to some regional or political issues, the company has to change its policies. Therefore, some users face connectivity problems during the transition period. However, the situation gets resolve in a few hours, but if you still find it hard to connect after several days, you should try the below steps. The solution is verified on all Apple devices and hardware. 

Cannot connect to app store

Check the system status page for downtime.

This is the most common reason why you are not able to connect to your app store. The major reason for this is the system policy change in your country. Hence, the user is recommended to check the Apple system status page for more details. Apple Inc updates any downtime on any of the services they offer on the system status page. If any of the application is down or going through a major update would be mention on this page. 

Internet Connectivity Issues

The internet connectivity issue could be the reason for the non active app store. Recheck your internet connectivity by browsing other applications or websites. The slow internet may take time for the app store to respond. If possible, try to connect to the app store on other apple devices. See if it responds correctly. If the other devices are also having the same issues, that shows there is a problem with either internet connectivity. Additionally, the change in the policy in your region. You can drop an email to the Apple support team explaining your issues, and get the appropriate solution to your problem.

Additionally, if you are using the cellular service to connect to the internet, check for the app store’s access. In some cases, the application is restricted while using cellular data to save from additional data charges. If that the case, then allow the app to use cellular data while using the app. Once you give permission, recheck the app store and see if you can connect to the app store. It may resolve your iPhone cannot connect to the app store problem.

Cannot connect to app store

A major software update may have rolled out.

You may check for the IOS update on your device. Software updates may cause a connectivity issue to the app store. Especially on the iPad with no wifi or internet connectivity. Your iPad or iPhone cannot connect to the app store would be resolve once you upgrade the IOS software with the latest version. Try connecting to the app store after the update and see if you can reaccess the app store. Mac users who also see the “cannot connect to app store Mac” error may also need to update the operating software.

Wrong date and time.

All the apple devices are sync with the current date and time. It plays a significant role in updating the essential function of your devices. The date gives the application its real-time value, enabling it to update the latest version of the software and data and connect it to the server. If the date or time is different from what the application expects, this may create conflict between the Apple server and your device. The confusion may result in a restriction to the app store. To avoid this problem, check for the date and time on your device. Match that with the current time and save the change. You may need to restart your device to get the system ready for operation. The incorrect date and time could be the reason for the error message “cannot connect to app store iPhone” on your mobile device. 

App store cache

The next reason to get the error message “cannot connect to app store iPhone or any ios device” is this. Cache on the devices makes the operation quick. However, sometimes the old cache file conflict with the new operation and shows the error message. Due to that, it is recommended to clear the cache every time you install the latest IOS version. Cleaning will result in the removal of the old files. The connectivity issue with the app store may get resolved after you clean your device. 

Hardware problem

In rare cases, your device may have a hardware problem. The connectivity to the wifi or the Bluetooth is depended on the small antenna installed on your iPhone. If it has been damaged, then the connection to the internet may have stopped. You can check for the connectivity issue by browsing the internet. See if there is any speed difference or any other issues while browsing the web. If that the case, then your device requires hardware replacement. Lately, some users have posted the query on the forum saying they cannot connect to the app store ios 11 on iPhone. Mac users also posted a similar query saying mac cannot connect to the app store. The problem could be with internet connectivity or some restriction on your device. Checking each point carefully will help you resolve these issues quickly.

Cannot connect to app store

Why Can I not download apps from App Store?

You can fix this issue in various ways. By default, the setting on the iPhone for downloading the app from the app store set on. You need to sign in with your apple id to download the app. If your device is not allowing you to download the app from the app store, try to apply them and see if it can solve your problem.

Download on wifi only:

iPhone asks you to set the downloading options over wifi or the cellular data. Check if you have permitted to download on the cellular data as well. If the wifi connectivity is low, the device will use the cellular data to download the app. Also, check for any limits apply to cellular data on download size. If the data is limited, the apple store will not finish the download, hence stopping the downloading process.

Restart the app store:

If the app has encountered a bug during the download, restarting the app will clear the cache and make the download smooth again. Initiate the download also and see if it solves the problem.

Restart the iPhone:

Restarting the iPhone clear out space, cache, and any bug related to the operating system. When starting the device again, it checks for any error in the operating system. If any file is missing, it downloads from the server and fixes the problem. The restart process gets things working again. 

Check payment method:

The paid app requires you to put the payment method in the Apple store. Without having the Apple ID with the proper payment method, you can not access the paid application. You have to connect to the payment method first then start downloading the paid app. In some cases, the free app also requires you to add a payment method. Moreover, check for the card expiry date. If the card expires, the app store will not allow you to download the app until you put the active card details. Adding a verified payment method would resolve the issue.

Cannot connect to app store

Sign-out to the app store:

Some user uses the multiple Apple ID to sign in to the app store. An Apple device may see this security concern and block access to the app store temporarily. Once the restriction is applied, you will not be able to access the app store features. To enable access again, logout from the app store and sign in again. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out. The new connection would clean the existing login and permit you to reaccess the app store. Do not enter the wrong password. Save your password somewhere in the secure file. 

Cannot connect to the app store 2020 is asked by many users online. You can follow the above steps and get your access back to the app store.

Cannot connect to app store

Can’t sign in to the app store

If you are getting this error message, then check for the following reasons to fix it.

  1. Your device is full, and no space is available to install or function any new activity. Clean your memory by moving some of the massive files to your computer or other hard drives. Delete unwanted files to free some space.
  2. The new feature called match on iCloud Music Library, or the iTune may be turned on. Please turn it off, and the issue will be resolved.
  3. The outdated iTunes version might be causing the problem. Check for the latest update and install it.
  4. Sign-in back to the apple store. In some cases, the apple store signs out when there is no internet connectivity for a very long time. The sign in with the Apple id will allow you to reaccess the app store.
  5. A corrupt software file could be one of the reasons for your issue. Update the software or restart the device to check if the system automatically fixes the problems. 


The error on the apple device can be solved with the simple steps. Most of the time, the issue is resolved automatically as the apple device frequently scans the file in the background and fix the issue by updating it with the latest version. If the issue persists, then there might be a chance that some hardware failure causing the problem. Contact to the Apple service centre and get your device check.

cannot connect to app store fixed

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