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Android 10 update issues [Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide]

Android 10 is excepted to provide less issues compared to other versions. However, many Android users have complained about Android 10 update issues.  Problems that might occur in Android 10 after the update include apps not able to download or update and a few more. It is not a pleasant experience if you attempt to install an app on your phone but the app wouldn’t install.  If you have concerns about Android 10 update issues, below are few of things you can do to rectify the situation:

Android 10 Update Issues

Quick Fix for Android 10 Update Issues

There are a couple of things that could be responsible for update issues on your Android 10 mobile. 

1: Check Internet Connection

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection before you attempt any update on your Android 10 mobile phone. To solve the poor internet connection issues, you might have to connect to a stable Wi-Fi, change your Internet service provider, or disable any VPN software on your phone. 

2: Free Space on Your SD Card

You might not have a successful update with insufficient space on your phone. After confirming a strong and stable network, the next thing you should ensure before you commence updating your Android 10 is space. 

Android 10 Update Issues

You cannot download an update or install an update if you do not have sufficient space on your mobile phone. Insufficient space can even slow down the update time. That means, to run Android 10 update on a phone with low space capacity will take a longer time than expected. 

Now, let us consider some major Android 10 update issues and how to fix them. 

Answering Calls Issues

Some Android users filed complaints of not being able to answer calls after they performed the Android 10 update. If you are having a call answering issue on your mobile phone, you are not alone. Some users also complained that calls were not connected when picked until about one to two minutes. You know how frustrating it could be if your calls won’t connect until about two minutes. 

Android 10 Update Issues

The calls answering issue after the Android 10 update is not without a solution. However, there is no guarantee that the solution will work for all Android mobile phones. 

Fixing Answering Calls Issue– The best thing to do to fix answering calls issues after the Android 10 update is to clear your phone’s cache. However, if the problem persists you should wait for another update from Google. 

Time Stops Displaying

You know that most, if not all, pixel phones have their time displayed just at the top left side of the status bar.  If time is not displayed on your Android mobile phone after the Android 10 update that means your phone’s System UI Tuner has been affected. 

Android 10 Update Issues

You can solve this problem by downloading a launcher and then ensure you have its settings reset. Nova Launcher is a good choice if you don’t know which launcher to download. 

Automatic Phone Actions

Another unpleasant experience you can start noticing after the Android 10 update is automatic phone actions. Some of the automatic phone actions include automatic phone rotation, automatic brightness, and so on. 

You can fix the problem by simply performing a factory reset.However, factory reset will require you to back up your files and modify your settings. Google acknowledged the automatic actions problem associated with the Android 10 update. However, they ascertained that the problem was caused by a bug when Google verified what was added to Android 10 by Qualcomm. 

Android 10 Update Issues

Good news! Google has promised to fix this problem in the coming update. If you cannot bear with the problem, you can attempt a factory reset.

Bluetooth Audio Not Working Properly

Another issue you might experience after the Android 10 update is Bluetooth Audio to stop working either completely or for phone calls. De-pairing or re-pairing might not solve the Bluetooth audio problem. Most users who had Bluetooth audio problem after updating to Android 10 are the Pixel 2XL users. 

A simple remedy to the Bluetooth audio problem is to delete your phone’s Bluetooth cache memory. You will clear the Bluetooth cache memory from the Bluetooth app on your mobile phone. If the problem is not solved, clear your phone’s memory cache and then proceed to perform a factory reset. 

Android 10 Update Issues

Fingerprint Stops Working

What would you do if your phone’s fingerprint scanner stopped working, hard to think, right? It has been reported by some users that as soon as they update the phones to Android 10, the fingerprint scanner stops working. If you are having a similar challenge, the first step you have to do is to restartyour phone. Next, check if the fingerprint scanner is now working after your Android phone has restarted. 

If the fingerprint scanner still doesn’t work, go ahead and perform a factory reset. Do not forget to back up your files before performing a factory reseton your Android phone. 

Mobile Data Stops Working

This is another common issue that pops up after updating to Android 10. Without your mobile data working, you cannot have access to the internet. 

The way to solve this issue is to change your phone’s VPN settings. To change your phone’s VPN settings, follow the guidelines below:

  • Open Settings on your phone
  • Locate Network & Internet
  • Next, scroll to Mobile Network
  • Going further, select Advanced
  • Next, select Access Point Name
  • From the Access Point Name, ensure that the APNs are changed to ATT Nextgenphone from ATT WAP. 

The above guidelines worked for several users, not for all of them. 

Android 10 Update Issues

Bluetooth Stops Working

You might discover that your Bluetooth stops working after the Android 10 update. Honestly, Android 10 update issues are numerous.

To fix this problem, 

  • Disconnect all paired devices and reconnect afresh. 
  • Clear Bluetooth cache memory
  • Reset your Android mobile phone network. 

Any of the three options above should solve the Bluetooth problem. 

Android 10 Update Issues


One would think, the Android 10 update is problematic even though Google expected it to be smoother than the previous instalments. However, now you know how to deal with numerous issues if something happens with your phone. Do comment below if you still to get a proper solution; we will attend to it ASAP.

Meanwhile you can check the Fairphone forum to refer for the Known bugs & problems with Android 10.

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