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Best Facebook album downloaders

Facebook album downloader is a handy tool that allows users to download your pictures on Facebook in bulk to your desktop computer. All your pictures in the albums will be downloaded in a high-resolution file. Additionally, you can save them on your desktop computer as you save other files. The Facebook album downloader is useful for backup your photo album on multiple storage systems or the cloud storage service.

Many users request FB to allow them to download a particular folder from Facebook. However, contacting Facebook and getting a response to your query may take time. Moreover, the tool helps you in getting all your pics downloaded as it is on your PC instantly. So the Facebook album downloader is critical to manage and protect your photos.

Facebook album downloader

It is easy to save a single photo on Facebook, but FB does not allow you to download a photo album. It becomes difficult when you have thousands of pictures in your album, and you want all of them to be downloaded. In such a scenario, you need to take the help of a third-party application. You can move these downloaded pictures to your hard drive and store the memories on multiple devices.

Download Facebook photo album

The Facebook album downloader feature is available in the setting. Therefore you can go to the Setting tab and check for the Download a copy at the bottom of the page. All your FB data is stored securely on the Facebook server. The pictures and videos or post you shared on FB are yours. FB allows you to download them whenever you want. You can instruct Facebook to provide the download link in the setting. The FB will compress the archive file and give you the download link to download all your pictures posted on the FB.

Facebook album downloader

DownAlbum chrome

DownAlbum chrome extension is the application offering Facebook photo album download features. It is simple to use and gives you instant pictures download ability whenever you are surfing on the FB. The DownAlbum chrome extension is the fastest application in the niche. It compresses the files in one folder and begins the downloading when instructed.

DownAlbum is one of the top-rated applications in the industry. Millions of active users are using the DownAlbum chrome extension to download the FB album. 

Download Instagram album

Instagram is one of the top photos and video sharing website available in the world. You might be using the website for many years now. Your photo album might have become huge. But have you ever thought about how you can download all the pictures of Instagram on the go to back them on some other place? It would be tough to download Instagram photos. The website does not allow users to download it directly from the page. You cannot save the pictures directly on the website. 

The only way to do that is by using a third-party application. There are very few apps available in the market that does the downloading without any error. Gramsave is one of the online Instagram downloading websites that allows users to download any photo on your computer.

Facebook album downloader


Get the link of the picture from the browser tab and put the link in the search bar provided on the home page of the Gramsave. Hit the download button, and it will give you a preview of the photos that the tool detected on the page. Choose the photo that you want to download and click the download button to begin the downloading process.

The Instagram album download application is a handy tool to back up your favourite photos and memories to other devices. So, you do not want to lose them or, for any technical reason, lost them. Moreover, these memories are priceless. Therefore, you should put the two copies in two different places of your pictures and videos to avoid loss.

Certainly, the new advancement in the application’s data storage and fast processing power has made the new app more powerful. The picture downloading application can run multiple tasks simultaneously while storing and analyzing data. We can see many such downloading applications in the future, which will give you instant access to all your web storage. Any pictures, videos, or content can be downloaded instantly from a third-party website accordingly. The era of cloud storage is extending its realm. Everything is hosted on the cloud storage facility enabling users to store big data instantly. The upload and download speed complements the data sharing on cloud computing. 

Facebook image downloader

Search for the Facebook image download on the app store. Several application developers have made the FB image downloader application. They all do one single task, which is giving users full control over their Facebook photo Album. The application comes with a user-friendly interface, so you do not need to spend much time learning the functionality. 

Facebook album downloader

How Facebook image downloader works

To access the features of the Facebook downloader, you have to log in to your account. Then go to your album and choose the album that you want to download. Remember, the image downloader will put all your images in one folder before downloading it.

If you want to delete any pictures or video, do it before downloading to avoid getting them added to the final file. Once you are satisfied with the final pictures that you want to download, go to the image downloader application and link it to the album page. The link is shown in the browser window. Please copy the link from the browser and past it into the image downloader. The application will begin the downloading process. The downloading time will totally depend on the size of the file. Check the download progress for the estimated time. The final file will be downloaded in the destination folder and available for you to access it.

Facebook image downloader has solved many FB user’s problems. When users wanted to download their uploaded pictures back to the computer, they were restricted from doing this. Now FB itself allows the image download. Several apps are there in the market in support of this. Get your FB download for downloading your FB album.

Facebook album downloader

Photolive chrome extension

PhotoLive chrome extension is the fastest way to download the Facebook photo album. Install the chrome extension and login into your Facebook account. Then, go to the preferred album which you want to download. The application will prompt you before downloading it. The popup window will appear on the screen. Select the destination folder. All your images will be downloaded to the folder in the chosen path. However, the Photolive service has been discontinued.

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