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What is the spooler subsystem app?

The Spooler Subsystem app is the windows application that supports the printing job on your computer. The application runs in the background when you initiate the printing process.

If you open the Task Manager, you will notice the system application name “spoolsv.exe” executed while printing. The application manages both printing and faxing facilities on windows computers.

In the first view, it may sound like a third-party application because of its name. You may think some virus may have got injected into your PC.

But do not worry. The application is a genuine windows application. It is fully secure and works seamlessly without affecting other applications of your computer.

spooler subsystem app
spooler subsystem app

Why should you know the Spooler subsystem app?

Your personal computer connected to the printer sync the data and follows the instruction given by the users. When you try to print documents using the printer, the print spooler is activated and sends the printer’s message to handle the printing instruction.

In case the printer is busy printing another file, your document will be kept in the queue until the previous job is complete.

Printing configuration, settings, and fax job can be managed through the Spooler application. You will not perform the printing job if the spooler application is disabled on your computer. It is necessary to put the application in active mode for printing the document through your computer.

Spooler subsystem app high CPU usage

Spooler subsystem application only activated when you put the request for the printing. Usually, it will not consume much CPU power; however, that doesn’t mean you will never encounter the high CPU usage problem.

The memory used by the printing application is entirely depending on the number of printing application running in the background. If you have put many files for printing in the queue, then there are chances that the CPU may get consume a fair amount of memories.

spooler subsystem app

If you still find the problem with the small number of printing files, then there might be some issue with the application that needs to be analyzed before taking any further action on stopping it or deleting it from your computer.

One of the common problems that people have noticed that the CPU usage goes up when they start printing, and the windows get frozen. After that, you have to wait for a while until the window comes back to the regular operation.

In such a case, the problem might be with the printer attached to your computer. Your PC and the printer are not able to communicate easily. When the data is sync properly between your printer and computer, you will never experience the issue.

Try to reinstall the application again. See if the problem still exists. You can change your printer and try the same process by connecting your computer to a different printer. If you still encounter the same problem, then there will be an issue with your windows computer.

Something is blocking the process, or some software might require an upgrade. You can reinstall the application and install it back from the official Microsoft website.

Also, check for the windows update. Updating your windows to the latest available version would solve your problem.

spooler subsystem app
Photo by Wendelin Jacober from Pexels

Spooler subsystem app virus

In a situation where your computer is consuming more memories while running the Spooler subsystem app on your device, you should turn to the system update mode.

The first step in the process is to initiate the windows printing troubleshooter on your Windows 10 computer. You can find the setting in an upgrade & Security tab. Run the printer troubleshooter.

The windows application immediately diagnosis the printing software installed on your device. It checks whether any file is corrupt or requires an upgrade. The application will attempt to fix the problem automatically by updating the existing file to the latest version.

Once the process is complete, the system will notify you with the message letting you know that the files with a problem are updated.

Spoolsv exe spooler subsystem app

The Spoolsv Exe file is noticeable in the system process application or the task manager. You can open your taskbar after you activate your printing job. The application name Spoolsv Exe file will be visible at the top of the current task tab.

spooler subsystem app
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

The Spoolsv Exe file indicates the printing job is in the process. You can check how much memory it is using and the CPU power consumed by the process.

Many users have reported that when they run the printing job on their computer, the Spoolsv Exe file reaches 100% CPU usages. The CPU consumption is average when you have multiple files in the printing process.

The laptop requires more memory to connect with the printing device and instruct the printer to print it. The back and forth communication with the printing device consumes more memory than a standard application.

You can close some of the applications that not in use before you start the printing job to avoid windows crash or freezing problem. The printer halts the process if it is not able to collect data from the computer.

Your computer must be fully functional during printing. A drop in the connectivity would stop the printing job. You may then have to start the process over again.

spooler subsystem app
Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

Spooler subsystem app windows 10

Whenever you see the name Spooler subsystem app on your Windows 10 computer, you should double-check the name and the end file. Many trojan applications and viruses try to simulate the application name and generate fake names to fool the users.

You might think it is a windows file, but it might be used by another application that is not part of the windows official files. The system might have compromise, and it may result in data leaks over the period.

If the spooler subsystem gets stopped, you will not print the document through your computer. You should use this method to check whether the running application is a simple Spooler app or a third-party application.

Stop the Spooler app for a while and check if the printing works. If it is still working, that means the file running on your computer is a virus. Delete the file from the control panel.

spooler subsystem app
Spooler subsystem app location

Run the windows defender application to scan your computer for the virus. It will detect the file and remove it from the computer.

You should be aware that the Spooler app is the windows file. It will never appear in the start menu file. It always resides in the windows system32 folder. If you find the spooler in the start menu, then that is not the original file.

You should check the task manager regularly when you experience suspicious activity on your computer. The running application will tell you what is happening in the background.

Check on the following video to fix Spooler Subsystem App error.

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