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Make full screen chrome?

The full-screen feature is different on the Mac and Windows PC. Use the procedure based on the Operating system that you have on your computer.

How to go full screen Chrome on a Windows PC?

1) Open the Google Chrome PC Browser on your desktop or laptop.

2) There are two options to make your browser turn to full-screen mode.

The first one is to use the F11 key located on the top line of access to a keyboard. Once the F11 is press, the window will automatically turn to full-screen mode.

Another solution is to click on the three vertical dots available on the right-hand side top corner. Now the dropdown feature will open.

From the dropdown options, see the small Square in the list. It is available right next to the zoom option. When you click the Square, the window will turn to full-screen mode instantly.

How to go full screen Chrome on an iMac Laptop or desktop?

1) Go to the Google Chrome window.

2) Similar to the Windows pc, click on the vertical dots and open the dropdown menu. Click the Square to make the tab turn to full-screen mode.

full screen chrome
full screen chrome

3) You can also use the green dot located at the very top left corner of the Chrome window.

In many Mac applications, the button is visible. When clicking the green button, the screen automatically covers the entire screen giving you a full-screen window to work.

How to exit full screen chrome?

Once your task is done, you can exit the full-screen window only by clicking the green dot again in the iMac, and it will shrink down to the standard window size.

You may have to hold the mouse cursor to the top section to appear where you can click the green dot again to instruct the iMac to go back to the normal mode.

Another way is using the shortcut key to turn the window to normal mode. Click command control + command + F to exit the full-screen mode.

On the Windows computer, move your mouse cursor to the top center of the screen. The close button will appear, click on it, and your full-screen window will turn to the standard size.

exit full screen chrome

Why you need Google chrome full screen?

Full-screen chrome function is necessary when you are dealing with the video files. In some cases, when you have media files that need more space to view the details, it is better to turn the small window of Google Chrome to the full-screen size monitor.

Google chrome full screen features also allow users to eliminate distractions while accessing the web.

You can hide the other tabs and secure information while accessing the information on the web. Imagine you are in a conference meeting with your client.

You would be giving presented online. There will be a situation when you want to access your laptop to show files saved on the computer.

full screen chrome
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

In such a situation, you might not like to display your persona files present on the desktop. You can use the chrome full-screen shortcut to hide the desktop and turn the browser window to the full-screen mode.

Once you activate the full screen, the taskbar also goes behind the full-screen tab hiding all the taskbar’s pinned applications.

full screen chrome


The full-screen mode of Google Chrome is a handy feature for readers. You can turn your browser window to full-screen mode when you are reading the article online.

Avoid any distraction while reading that appears every few seconds on your computer. The full-screen mode hides all the applications, notifications, popup, etc.

Use the full-screen mode in your time to stay focus on a specific task.

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