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Best 9 Free iTunes alternative for iOS users

iTunes is one of the best applications of Apple Inc. The software enables the IOS device users to transfer the music, TV shows, movies, and other media files securely between devices.

The iTunes software works seamlessly, and it provides a fast data transfer facility. There are many other features that you can enjoy using iTunes.

Download and listen to your favorite music, save your files in your phone’s backup, manage your IOS device, and many more. iTunes is the one-stop solution developed to manage all digital files securely.

itunes alternative
iTunes alternative

The growing popularity of the iTunes software has given birth to innovation. Developers worldwide are working on an application that does the same job as iTunes software but comes with more advanced features that you cannot find in iTunes.

Today you can find many iTunes alternatives on the web facilitating the IOS users an excellent media management service. 

What different would iTunes alternative software do for you?

1) Support multiple devices as well as the operating system. You can run the alternative software on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems without compatibility issues.

2) Instant access to the data stored on the computer using the iTunes alternative software.

3) Getting rid of IOS backups. Every time you connect the IOS device to iTunes, it creates a backup file. It is the default function of iTunes, so you cannot resist it.

iTunes alternative
iTunes alternative

The iTunes alternative software gives complete freedom to the users to choose the backup option. Either you stop the backup or activate it as per your requirement.

Here is the list of the best alternative to iTunes software

1) WALTR 2

WALTR 2 is the most popular iTunes alternative software available in the market. It is available for both mac and windows pc.

The free trial version supports a wide range of IOS devices. There are some additional features that you can enjoy in the premium version of the WALTR 2 software. 

Connecting your phone to WALTR 2 is quite simple. Use a cable or WIFI connection to access the data on your phone. The speed of data transfer is quite fast. It would help you to move data from one device to another or take backup quickly. WALTR 2 support all kinds of files, so there will be no restriction on what file you can transfer on your device.

itunes alternative
WALTR 2– itunes alternative


  • The simple user interface makes the WALTR 2 easy to use.
  • Quick file transfer support allows the users to save time on data transfer.
  • A highly secure method is used to transfer the file. 
  • No limitation on what type of file you move from one device to another.


  • The cost of the premium package is comparatively high.

And you can also get some idea on this from reviews.

2) MusicBee 

Yet another alternative to iTunes software offering a wide range of services to iOS users. Now manage your file using the best file management application.

Connect your device instantly using the MusicBee and transfer your music files, videos to the smartphone. The application is available for Windows users as well.

Connect your smartphone and sync the file instantly between your windows PC and IOS devices.

itunes alternative
MusicBee– itunes alternative


  • The MusicBee comes with a 15 band equalizer feature.
  • You also get to enjoy web radio stations
  • SoundCloud Integration would help you to find new songs every day.
  • Logarithmic volume scaling technology to enhance your volume settings.


  • The more work requires to be done on the user interface. It is confusing, and the presentation is dull.

3) Vox Media Player

Vox media player is more advance among the other alternatives of iTunes. It comes with various new features that you cannot find in other software.

Simple looking software with the added benefits would make you spend more time accessing your file in the software. Support to the multiple audio file formats is one of the appreciated features of the Vox Media Player.

You can download and access the MP3, MP4, APE, M4A, FLAC, CUE, etc., audio file using the Vox Media Player.

Additionally, Vox facilitates personal music library support with streaming music via SoundCloud and Youtube.

Play more than 30000 internet radio stations using the Vox Media Player. If we talk about the features, the gapless playback is another outstanding achievement in the software.

The clear stereo sound, a bass audio engine with a cloud storage solution makes music listening fun. Vox Media Player ranks in the top position in many ways when deciding which iTunes alternative is best for transferring the files on an IOS device.

itunes alternative
Vox Media Player– itunes alternative


  • Support of various file formats would give access to almost all types of data.
  • Use for both iTunes and personal music library.
  • Enjoy wide varieties of internet radio stations.
  • Stream music via SoundCloud and Youtube.


  • In some cases, the exporting playlist would be slow.
  • The subscription-based plan keeps some users away from the application.

4) WinX MediaTrans

Transfer your music, photos, videos using the WinX MediaTrans instantly. WinX MediaTrans is a highly secure application that protects your file from virus attack or data breach.

The application now connects to your iPhone or iPads and provides seamless service. Automated your photo backup process to avoid manually save the files from the smartphone device to the computer.

Moreover, music management becomes comfortable with the two-way music transfer facility offered by WinX MediaTrans. Transfer video files, organize your books, use a ringtone maker, and many other advanced features are provided to you.

iTunes alternative
iTunes alternative

You also have the option to encrypt your photos and video library to restrict third party access. It protects your data from being steal from your computer.

Connect your device to the computer and open the WinX MediaTrans application to begin the syncing process. 

You do not have to install iTunes on your system. The application works independently, and it gives more flexibility to the users.

The WinX MediaTrans is filled with essential features. Once it’s downloaded on your computer, you will be able to transfer any number of files back and forth using the software. It is one of the great windows application available in the industry.

itunes alternative
WinX MediaTrans– itunes alternative


  • Instant file transfer from computer to iPhone / iPad.
  • It comes with encryption features to protect your photo and video library.
  • Simple to use user interface.


  • The music organization needs more improvement.

5) DearMob iPhone Manager

If you are looking for all one tool to manage your photos and music file on the iOS device, then DearMob iPhone Manager would give you require the facility to do that.

It will let you manage your media and music files and transfer the files between your PC and smartphone. Also, use the auto backup features to save your file without any trouble.

Data encryption facility is also given to you, making the data storage more comfortable. All the iTunes features are available in the DearMob iPhone Manager software, so you will not miss any of iTunes’ features.

Simple to use user interface is the heart of the software. You will experience ease while operating the application. Everything is accessible from the home screen.

Photo management is one of the features that users of the DearMob iPhone Manager have appreciated. It is unique in itself, giving you the freedom to manage it as per your need.

No matter what operating system you are using on your desktop computer, the application is compatible with your windows and MAC pc.

Install the software on your computer and connect your device using cable or the WIFI connection. DearMob iPhone Manager will automatically detect the connected device and start collecting the data. 

Audio management is another feature that is useful in managing your songs. Use the Find box to search for the music in the library. The application arranges the song for you, so you do not have to manage it manually.

itunes alternative
DearMob iPhone Manager– itunes alternative


  • Instant photo transfer from computer to PC
  • Enable the added protection to encrypt the data and enjoy the data security.
  • Feature-rich audio management service.
  • Now you can convert HEIC photos using the software.


  • Heavey files take time to transfer from phone to computer. Especially the photo transfer seems relatively slow due to big size files.
  • Comparing to other iTunes alternative software, the cost of the premium package is relatively high.

6) Musique

Musique is a music player that gives you a great experience while listening to music. Clean and simple to use UI brings joy to music management and transfer. All the features in the application are one click away, making it more reliable software. 

The most favourite features of the users are its built-in lyrics finder. You get to extract the song’s lyrics in the application.

Play the song with the lyrics and enjoy your entertainment time. The players have the auto process that organizes the music file based on the artist’s name and albums. 

It beautifully arranges the song in a separate folder that makes the songs more enjoyable. Next time when you access the file, you would not like to search or find the songs. The folder will put the album cover on it, which looks more organized folder. 

itunes alternative
Musique– itunes alternative


  • The best user interface makes the application fun to operate.
  • The application has a built-in application that makes the music auto organize by artists and albums.
  • The music player works seamlessly, making it the more reliable application of all time.
  • The singer would like the features where the application searches the lyrics for you. The built-in lyrics finder makes it possible to download and access the new song’s lyrics instantly.


  • The lyrics have a limited library, so you may not find lyrics of some songs added recently.

7) Swinsian

Swinsian has incredible features that make the app stand out in the crowd. It supports side varieties of the music formats.

You also get to use various other features such as tag editing, duplicate file finder, smart playlist, and many more. The application organizes all your music files in a separate folder giving you the advantage to listen to the songs based on your mood. 

The duplicate finder allows removing the duplicate files that may consume your storage. Fast data processing makes the app more reliable.

No matter how big the library is, you will be able to access the large file without lag or slow down the application. You can customize the interface that can be changed as per your requirements.

You also get to add many widgets that customize the application with new features. You can control the music using the playback method in the small windows.

You do not need to keep your entire application open in front of you while playing the songs. The user who shifts their operation from iTunes appreciates the new user interface.

The software allows you to import your library in one click. If you are looking for a simple music play that does a similar operation to iTunes, then the application is excellent to use.

itunes alternative
Swinsian– itunes alternative


  • Comprehensive music format support gives you much-needed access to the extensive music library.
  • Take advantage of the tag editing features.
  • Use the folder watching makes the use of the application more fun.
  • It facilitates the user to import the entire music library.


  • The user who first moves their operation from iTunes to the Swinsian may find it hard to learn the user’s interface. However, once you spend some time with the software, you will be more comfortable using it.

8) Dr.fone

iTunes is a great app, but the available alternative application is much more advance in processing data. You will create backup files, erase data on your phone permanently, make the folder, arrange files neatly, online access applications such as SoundCloud and Youtube.

You can also report the files, recover the deleted data, transfer the heavy file from your iPhone to the desktop using the app. Interact with the messages, contact, and other important files. 

The built-in repair script function would make the bug fixing easy. If there is an issue with the application in the iOS or the software itself, the application would detect the problem and repair the file instantly.

During the bootup process, the application checks the files and confirm everything is working fine. If there is no problem in the application it runs smoothly, if it detects missing file or corrupt files, the application connects it with the internet and download the required files. 

Data recovery software makes your lost file searchable and gets the file back to its normal condition.

It is common to lose the critical file on the device. The inbuild recovery software would make the process easy for you. The premium account gives you a bonus with the application.

itunes alternative
Dr.fone – itunes alternative


  • The inbuilt data backup features may help you store the backup file every time you connect your iPhone to the desktop. 
  • It is easy to restore your device using the application
  • Instead of using a third-party application to recover the data, use the inbuilt function that makes the data recovery easy.
  • Run the repair script to fix any software related issue automatically. 


  • Compare to the other similar application available in the market. The Dr.fone file manager is a way to advance the application.

 9) Fidelia

When it comes to the quality of the music, the Fidelia music player does an extraordinary job. The application enhances the music file to its highest possible quality giving the user a more comfortable listening ability.

The app is designed for those who do not like to compromise quality while listening to music. It is a high-definition audio player that supports a wide range of music file format and supports many online streaming sites. Elegant interface design gives more focus execution and an exclusive music list at your service. 

itunes alternative
Fidelia – itunes alternative


  • No quality compromise on the music.
  • Support all types of audio file formats, so you do not have to compromise the audio quality.
  • No doubt the music player is capable of playing high definition audio player.
  • Application support 64-bit audio unit plugins.


  • The library windows a little cluttered. It is hard to find the music file or search them in the library if it is not arranged correctly.

iTunes alternative comparison and why you need them?

iTunes is an undisputed best application Apple has developed for its users. It is free and does a great job managing media files such as photos, videos, and music files.

With seamless features and simple to use user interface, iTunes perform perfectly fine in the growing competition. 

itunes alternative
iTunes alternative

However, the users demand the more service what making the software developer produce new types of application that works the same as iTunes, but comes with added features.

The new iTunes software is more reliable, users friendly and provides much more advanced features that you cannot find in iTunes. The growing supply of the innovative media player gives you much need benefits while using the application. 

Where iTunes development takes years to get new features, the alternative applications are updated frequently.

You would enjoy the new features in the iTunes alternative software. The improved sound quality in the alternative software would amaze you.

Media players are capable of running a wide range of audio files. Where iTunes only support a few formats limiting your exposure to the new type of media format. The iTunes alternative software enhances the music file’s sound quality, giving you a better music experience. 

The iTunes alternative software is design to save your time and money. You would be able to arrange your database easily in the alternative software. The straightforward user interface makes the data finding easy. 

Additionally, Third-party service integration is possible in the alternative software. Some application comes on the online music streaming facilities, Soundcloud integration, Youtube streaming, and many more can be done using the iTunes alternative software. You cannot use third party application in iTunes. 

itunes alternative
iTunes alternative

It limits access to the large ecosystem of the music industry, which is available on the web. iTunes alternative application brings all kinds of entertainment to the centralized system.

You can listen to songs online, download them, watch the youtube video, and enjoy your entertainment time on-demand service. It becomes easy to download the songs from various music streaming sites and transfer the file to your iPhone and iPad.

Disadvantage of iTunes

Cannot merge more than one account: The most significant disadvantage of using iTunes is you cannot combine more than one account to sync the file.

The third-party application gives you the freedom to connect as many applications as you want and enjoy the data transfer seamlessly.

You can sync all your media libraries in one go. Apple does not support all the users to tie the multiple accounts on a single login. 

itunes alternative
iTunes alternative

Performance: The slow performance of iTunes makes people crazy while using it. The data transfer takes a hell of a lot of time. Many users have reported that small-sized file transfers from your iPhone to the desktop computer take several hours. 

The problem persists, and Apple is not doing anything to solve this problem. Especially when you are connected through a Windows computer, the data transfer becomes slow.

Also, iTunes uses a fair amount of system RAM to run the process. You cannot multitask while using iTunes on your Windows computer. Some users believe iTunes has a compatibility issue. 


iTunes application is the best in class software to develop by Apple. It has basic features but still does an excellent job in the management of the files.

The new application’s need arises when you look for more advanced features that you cannot find on iTunes.

itunes alternative
iTunes alternative

The iTunes developer has kept minimizing features to avoid clutter in the software. Compared to iTunes, the application available in the market that provides similar features would give you many new features. 

You will be able to do much more with iTunes alternative software and make your entertainment time more enjoyable.

Moreover, iTunes developers are not adding new features to it. Alternative software gives more benefits to the users. Some alternatives charge the monthly fees in the subscription model where the user pays for getting premium services.

You will have a great time using the iTunes alternative application. 

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