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A comprehensive guide on how to mute tab chrome?

Autoplay audio and video on the website is becoming more popular these days. Website owners are trying to gain attention by showing the video clip or the background music as soon as the user lands on the page. With more websites using autoplay features, background audio becomes annoying.

Imagine you are in a conference meeting and you want to access the web to find specific information. 

You open the tab, and suddenly some music starts playing in the background. It would be an embarrassing situation for you. 

mute tab chrome
mute tab chrome

The biggest problem with the audio or video is finding the stop button on the page would take a few minutes. The media file might be somewhere in the middle of the page or the bottom of the page playing the audio. It would be difficult to stop the video instantly.

It is a good time to know the mute options that will help you disable the Google Chrome browser feature. When you visit the website next time, the tab will stay in silent mode until you permit to play the audio.

Let’s find out how to mute a tab on Chrome.

When you go to the Google Chrome browser, you can mute any website with few clicks. Every time you see the background music playing on the website, the small speaker icon would appear in the open tab’s navigation bar.

Speaker icon indicates the audio file is playing on the site. Now to mute the audio file on the open tab, right-click on the tab to see the speaker icon, and select the Mute site. 

The Chrome browser will mute all the files available on the website. Also, to perform this task, you do not have to visit the particular tab. You can do it directly without accessing the tab from the currently open tab.

mute tab chrome
mute tab chrome

Why is the Chrome mute tab, not working?

Chrome has recently removed the Mute tab option, and instead of that, it has added the new feature called mute sites. The feature does a similar job, but it mute the entire site. 

It means once the site is muted, it stays in the mute status until you unmute it. For example, the YouTube tab open in Chrome muted using the mute site setting; your YouTube video on all the tabs will remain muted.

If you want to mute only a single tab but not the entire site, you must install the mute tab extension to your Chrome browser. 

It does a similar task as the mute site setting does in the browser. The only difference is the mute tab extension only mutes the particular tab, not the entire site. 

So you can enjoy the Youtube video on the multiple tabs and mute only tab which you want to keep on hold and let another open tab with Youtube video play the audio. 

Mute tab chrome extension is the best application that solves the most common problem of the web.

In the older versions of Google Chrome, the speaker icon appears whenever there is background audio on the site. 

Users would have access to the instant mute option to mute the speaker icon in the browser itself. In the newer version of Google Chrome, the browser need a third-party application to use the same functionality.

mute tab chrome
mute tab chrome


In the modern browser, the chrome mute tab is gone, and a new feature is added. The mute chrome tab is the lifesaver in some situations. 

Knowing how to use the mute tab in Chrome would help you to take instant action whenever you see an audio file running in the background.

mute tab chrome
unmute tab chrome

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