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How to free up space on mac?

In today’s data-driven world, Storage is one of the challenging parts of life that every computer user has to deal with in everyday activity. No matter how much storage capacity your device will encounter a problem after a certain period, your computer will prompt you to increase the storage capacity to save more files. 

Additionally, the computer system that uses more than 70 percent storage becomes slow due to the storage devices’ background process.

how to free up space on mac
mac recommendations to clean the disk

As soon as you start the computer system, the hard drives go into calculation mode, where they run many background processes to keep your files ready to access. 

The good thing is cloud storage is becoming more popular these days. You can upload all your files on the cloud storage and keep your computer clean and neat.

No files need to be stored on the local drive. Upload everything on the Cloud server and make room for the everyday files that stays for a few days and then transit to the trash bin. 

Here is the guide to free up space on mac that allows you to manage your files effectively. 

Optimization of the Storage helps you to save much space on the computer. Using the iCloud service offered on the Apple device would protect your data from loss.

You will always have the backup file on the server. Once the file is uploaded to the server, you will access it anywhere in the world.

Remove duplicate files:

It is the most common problem that everyone would identify in their storage system. We make duplicate files while working to protect our essential files.

Also, sometimes the downloaded files from the web or the email id resided in the folder, making it duplicate every time you download it again from the email.

Over the period, these files were converted into a stack of folders with similar files. The only way to avoid such mistakes is to arrange your folder in proper order. 

Develop a habit of saving your files downloaded from the folder in the temporary file. All the files downloaded in the temporary folder would not be necessary after some period, so you can comfortably delete them.

The files you want to save on the computer for a long duration should be placed on the hard drive. Please do not keep it on the desktop.

how to free up space on mac
how to free up space on mac

Data organization and management skills would help you clean your PC quickly without worrying about the critical files. 

The duplicate file would have consumed a fair amount of space on your computer system. Now when you look back to those old folders, you will realize these files are no longer essential, or you already have a copy of these files some other place.

You will not find what is lying under the carpet until you check these folders one by one. 

Take the help of duplicate file detection and removal application. These applications will help you to identify similar files and prompt you to remove them with your confirmation.

Once you confirm the removal, the app will move the file to the trash folder, automatically deleted after a particular period.

Clear Trash Cans

The files that you delete from the computers goes into the trash cans. The Trash Cans’ storage space is directly connected to the storage drive used by your computer system.

Loaded drive with unwanted files would result in slow computing power. You should frequently empty the trash cans folder to avoid computer slow down issues.

Remember that once you delete the files from the trash cans, you will not recover the file. So before deciding to delete, double-check the file and choose after you are sure about the files.

how to free up space on mac
clear trash on mac

Also, check for the individual trash cans of the media file. iPhoto, iMovie, and Mail would have their separate trash cans.

When you delete the files from these media application, it goes to their trash cans. All the deleted files stay in the trash cans for several days before it is permanently deleted.

If your job is related to the media file, there will be lots of media files that might be in the trash can.

Every file would add weight to the storage drive, and eventually, your storage drives would alert you to make the space for the new files. You will not save new files on your computer until you make room for the new files. 

how to free up space on mac
clear trash on mac

Uninstall unwanted Softwares:

Computer users tend to download the software and install it on their computer when they want to use the application.

We download the application when we have a requirement, but we generally forget to uninstall it after the job is done.

Over the period, these software lists become huge, and you would have no update on how much software is installed on your computer, which you do not use. 

how to free up space on mac
Remove unwanted software on mac

Therefore, you should keep an eye on the system files frequently to avoid any software-consuming space in your computer system.

Remove all the software that you are not using from the computer. Delete the files related to the software after confirming that you would not require them in the future. Knowing what is there in your laptop would protect your computer from unwanted applications.

Clean Itunes Backups

If you are using other IOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad to transfer the data from one device to another using iTunes, backup files will dwell on the system.

There will be a bunch of media files in the backup folder with massive storage consumption. You can delete them and free up the vast space of your storage drive. 

Every time you connect your device to the computer, the iTunes application creates Storage on the system, making it safe to move the file back and forth quickly.

In case you lost your phone, your backup files would be ready to restore the data on the new phone. Backup files protect your data from permanently lost.

However, deleting old files would allow you to keep your data up to date and reduce the file size to a great extent.

how to free up space on mac
Mac Utilities

Delete Temporary Files

Every computer system uses a temporary file system to increase the file loading time. These files are temporary files created when you use the application, the browser windows.

The temporary folder is used to check the recently used file and presented to the computer screen when you access the same file next time.

The temporary file loads much faster than the file that you close and open again from the start.

Temporary files are generally deleted after a certain period. But there might be some files that may be using your storage drives.

Some application keeps the temporary files for a more extended period than usual. Such temporary files take up disk space for no reason.

Cleaning the temporary files would make more space for the other important files. The majority of browsers have a built-in function that uses temporary files to boost browsing speed.

If you are spending more time on web surfing, then many temporary files would have installed on your computer. 

The fastest way to clean the temporary files is by using a third-party application. The specially developed software would detect the temporary file in your system and show the information about what type of files are saved on your device.

You can check all the files instruct the software to delete them and clean the disk space.

Clean your download folder

The download folder is another file that is moderately high in storage consumption. All files downloaded from the web goes into the default download folder on Mac.

Over time the size of the folder increases and reaches the point where your attention is needed. In most cases, the files available in the download folders are already used, or you may not be going to use them again. 

how to free up space on mac
Clear unwanted files from downloads

We generally move the essential files from the download folder and keep them aside in a separate folder. It means the files that are in the download folder are consuming unwanted space.

Deleting the files from the Download folder will free up the disk space. Advisable to visit the download folder frequently to manage your files. Clean it regularly to avoid more space used by the folder.

Remove Language Packs

Every app you install on your system would have separate Language packs with it. When you run the application, the language details are presented to the user during the installation to choose their preferred language.

You can set your language later as well by going to the app setting section. It is good to have such features in the application, but you may not frequently use these features after the initial installation is done.

The file stays on your system until you uninstall the software. These files are just wasting your space. You can delete the language pack without harming the core application features.

Follow these steps to delete the language pack folder.

  • Go to the application.
  • Next right click on the app. Click show package contents.
  • Now click on the content to open the folder.
  • Click on the Resources folder.
  • It will open the file where all the language files will be kept in ascending order. Keep your preferable language and delete all other language files.
  • Follow this step to all other apps and remove the unwanted language files from the system.

Optimize Storage

Optimization is required when you know you have many unwanted files on your system. Organizing and optimizing the files would allow you to save more files without paying for cloud storage.

The monthly fees of cloud storage can be avoided if you develop a storage optimization habit. 

Your computer would have several media files, such as movies and videos that you have already watched.

You may not require these files again. The average movie file with 1080p would consume more than 1 GB of disk storage. Deleting all the movie files that you will not watch again would remove a big chunk of files and free up space.

how to free up space on mac
Remove unwanted files on mac

Similarly, check for the TV Shows, pictures, video clips you saved on your system in the past. Remove them to clear the path for the new files.

Additionally, some of the desktop movie streaming application save the files on the computer when user request using the later watch feature.

The application downloads the background files and stores them on the later watch section on the hard disk.

If you are using any third-party movie streaming application on your Mac computer, check for the backup files.

There will be several files that you have already watch or kept in the watch later folder. Clean the folder and make room for a new download.

Learning storage optimization would lead to more space on your computer. You will be able to do more stuff on your PC when you have sufficient storage space in your system.

As the cloud storage cost is rising, it would be wise to work on your habit rather than pour money on unwanted file storage.

How to free up other space on mac?

There are several applications on your MAC computer using a good amount of disk space. Take the example of the Mail. The files received on the email are using the local storage space.

Deleting the unwanted attachment would free up the disk space. Similarly, many software would have a backup system. Every time you perform the software task, it creates the backup files through the autosave function. 

These backup files need to be handle manually. If you are not going to use the saved file in the future, you can delete them instead of keeping them on the computer.

Check all the applications that you have download recently. The activity Monitoring program also guides you about the application that is running in the background.

Check each application personally and check unwanted applications that you can remove from the system.

4 Easy Steps to Delete “Other” Space and Speed Up Your Mac

How to delete files on mac to free up space?

Deleting files on the Mac computer becomes easy when you know what to delete and what not. People generally begin the deleting process where the file is using little space.

It would be best to think of the files that are consuming a large amount of storage space. Generally, these kinds of files remain in the software system and media file folder.

Check the unwanted media files before you start deleting any application. Delete all the media files such as video, music, photos saved on your computer you no longer use. It will clear the ample disk space. 

Next, download the “Disk Clean Pro For Mac” application, one of the best software for deleting the log files.

Disk clean pro
Disk clean pro

The log files are the temporary files that save the activity report on your computer. Run the downloaded application and clean the unwanted log files from the PC.

In the final process, start looking for the unwanted applications installed on your computer. You might have installed them in the past to conduct a particular task, but today you might not be using them.

Every software would have its backup file where the data is stored. Removing the unwanted software from the PC would free up disk space. 

How to free up space on Mac startup disk?

The full Mac startup disk is the most common problem people deal with their Mac computer system.

The basic functionality of the MAC operating system requires the files to be stored in two different types. One is the actual files, and another is the temporary files.

It does this to speed the operating process during the repeated task. 

These junk files reside on your computer for a very long time. Over the period, the files stack on each other, consuming large size disk space.

On top of that, the backup and cache files play their role in storing the data. These files are killing a vital area for no reason.

Startup disk is full
Startup disk is full

The file that you no longer using would have its cache and backup files in the temporary folder. It stays there, consuming the storage space. 

Removing the temporary files stored in your computer system would protect your device from disk full issues.

Freeing up gigabytes of memory would enable you to save important files, and it would not affect your data.


You will be able to do much more with the MAC computer’s storage space if you know what to do with the file saved on your computer. Following the above given a suggestion would enable you to protect your storage device.

Do much more with the available storage space when you have an optimization process to save your file. 

Your computer also works smoothly when it has sufficient memory and storage space to use. It performs at its optimum level resulting in more work done, and faster output is generated.

Understanding why the disk space reached its maximum capacity would help you make appropriate decisions to reduce the storage size. Follow the given suggestions and start applying them on your Mac computer.

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