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How to open task manager Mac?

The task manager on the Mac is part of the activity monitor on the Apple Mac computer. Simply press down the [CMD] + [ALT] + [ESC] keys to open the Activity Monitor window. The open window will have a list of currently active programs.

Some will be the current application that you have access to your computer, and others will be part of the background process that requires you to keep your laptop fully functional. 

The frozen application is located at the top of the page. Choose the application and click on the “Force Quit” option to close the application.

task manager mac
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Windows task manager VS task manager on Mac

When you shift from Windows to the Apple Mac book computer, the one thing that you miss the most is the task manager. 

It is one of the essential features of the windows computer that has saved people from trouble. The task manager in the windows PC provides a superpower to the computer user.

Close unwanted windows, reduce the memory usage, detects malware running in the background, and most importantly, clean the memory to assign more operating power to the current job. These are some of the tasks that you can handle using the task manager.

task manager mac
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But as you shift to the Mac, the first question arises how to open the task manager. As you know the mac computers are the complete opposite of the windows computer. You must use the manual to understand what features are available and what is restricted to the average users.

Task manager on the Apple Mac computer performs a similar task. It will enable you to close the programs that are frozen without affecting the other operations. Additionally, the task manager located on the Mac computer has more advanced features.

The system also offers details about the computer problem. You can view these details by visiting the Mac Activity Monitor. 

Managing the new application becomes comfortable with this program. Check the CPU statistics, Memory load, and energy use to understand your computer’s power consumption.

Task manager in Mac Usage

The task manager in Mac offers a wide range of services. Some features are similar to the Windows computer; however, you can do much more with the Mac task manager application. 

The task manager on the Mac is named “Activity Monitor.” You can find the feature in your application folder under the Utilities.

Another way of searching is to use the search box located on the top. Type Activity monitor to reach the application page. Double click the application icon, and it will open the Activity Monitor window.

The Activity monitor has several features. You can track your CPU usage, memory output, disk space, network, and later versions cache. 

task manager mac
Kill an application on mac

Under each section, you will find the application running list in the current operation and the background processes. The System apps, users’ apps, and operating system files would be visible in the Activity monitor.

Moreover, the filter process makes the selection of the application easy. You can choose the columns to find the application that you are looking for in the system. 

Click the “View” tab in the menu to display the active application in the particular section.

What is Activity Monitor?

The activity monitor is the utility application that analyzes the computer’s current operating data and presents accumulated information to the user. You can check how much memory is used by the Mac processes, applications, and background OS programs.

You also can detect which application is open in the current window. Additionally, you can manage the available application, close it if not required, and perform the cleaning task to free up space for other operations.

The force quit is a common feature similar to the close tab in the windows computer. If your computer stops working due to a frozen window, you can open the activity monitor section and force quit the application. It will immediately turn off the window, and your computer will start working as usual.

mac task manager
Activity Monitor mac

Open task manager Mac if you want to close the program that is halting the operating. The CPU usage of the computer can be monitor using the mac os task manager.

Task manager for Mac works as the one-stop solution to the user where they get complete freedom to manage their application. Use mac task manager shortcut [CMD] + [ALT] + [ESC] to open the Activity Monitor window.

How to get task manager on Mac?

Follow this step by step guide to launch the Activity Monitor window.

1) First, press ⌘ + Space to open the Spotlight window.

2) Then, type the “Activity Monitor” in the search box.

3) Next, the search operation will look for the application, and it will show in the open window. Click the application to open it.

4) Once clicked, it will open the application window, and now you can perform your task.

task manager mac
How to get task manager on Mac?

How to find Open Activity Monitor from Finder?

There is another option to access the Activity Monitor using the folder hierarchy.

1) First, Open the finder in your dock.

2) Now, you will see on the sidebar menu, there will be a navigation bar. Check for the Application tab. All the default application resides in the application folders. You can access any application and make the changes as per your need.

3) Once you click on the application, it will open a window; now choose Utilities in the application window.

4) On the next window, the utility folder will have the Activity Monitor Application. In most cases, it is available at the top of the window.

5) Now, double click on the application icon to open it. The new window will open where you can find all the active programs.

task manager mac
How to find Open Activity Monitor from Finder

Troubleshooting Mac with the task manager

Apple Mac computer is a well-developed application that provides a seamless process to the users. 

Application use in the background process makes the OS run without troubling the computer operation during the service. You can comfortably load heavy software on the Apple iMac computer.

All the progress in the background is individual check by the task manager application. Additionally, it requires memory to be allocated to each file to make them perform at their highest capacity. 

task manager mac
Activity monitor mac

Therefore, the Mac user never had a slow down or error problem while using the multiple software.

However, there will be occasions when your Mac computer may respond weirdly. Your Mac OS application might have trouble loading specific software where it requires more disk space, high CPU computing power, or more memories to process the data. 

In such a case, if the computer is not able to find the required resource in time, the application will freeze. After that, you will not be able to run any activity on your computer. The only option left is closing the application and make room for the heavy software to run. 

When your computer freezes the screen, you will not be able to close the program. You have to take the help of the activity monitoring application to close the current window. 

The activity monitoring window permits the user to complete the troubling application forcefully. You can open the window, select the application that is causing the problem, and apply for force close to shut down the operation.

task manager mac
Kill an application on mac

CPU panel in task manager on Mac

The CPU panel shows the various processes running in the background. The primary function would be of the core computer software and operating system. You should be aware of this application and carefully while closing any application in the Activity Monitor.

 If you complete an essential tab running in the background, which is part of the operating system, the computer will automatically shut down, and you will not access the computer for a while. You may have to reboot the computer again before you go back to the Activity monitor application.

The information shows on the CPU pane would tell you how much energy is used by what type of application. Internal processes are depicted on the screen. Check for a high-performance application that consuming more computing power and memory.

You can also check the battery runtime, temperature setting, and fan activity using the activity monitoring application. This information is crucial when you want to maintain the balance in the running application. You can shut down some of the applications running in the background, which is not in use.

mac task manager

Final Conclusion:     

Task manager on a Mac is a vital feature in the Mac computer that gives you more flexibility to the user. You can keep your laptop in well condition while working to increase the performance. 

Also, Mac’s task manager provides essential data such as a non-working component of the computer, a high bandwidth application, an unwanted application that makes the pc slow down, and can detect the virus and malware. 

Follow the given a suggestion the update your existing application, and provide more computing power to your current load. It will increase your productivity and keep your computer away from regular trouble.

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