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How to copy and paste on Mac Computer?

Computer technology has been through various upgrades since its launch. Every time we see a new advancement in technology, it always amazes us, users.

The copy and paste are functionalities that made the computer so useful that you can copy and paste anything during your work and save lots of time typing the same thing again.

how to copy and paste on mac
how to copy and paste on mac

The Mac computer also has the copy and paste method that you can use to copy text from one file to another file without needing to put effort into writing the whole content again.

Here is the guide that will help you to copy and paste the text into your Mac computer.

How to copy and paste on mac?

1) Select the text that you want to copy from the file. To do that, choose edit > Copy from the top menu bar. Or use short cut button Command and C.

how to copy and paste on mac
Copy on mac

This method will copy the selected text and preserve it in the background until you paste it into another file.

Remember that before you take action, you should select the text first, else the file will remain unselected, and when you try to copy the text, it will not move as expected in the copy and paste method.

2) If you want to remove the text from the exiting location, you should use the Command for edit > Cut instead to move the reader from one file to another file.

3) Now go to the file where you want to paste the selected text. Next, choose Edit > Paste or press Command – V on the keyboard.

how to copy and paste on mac
Paste on mac

4) If you want to match the text’s style to the old document, then post the text in another file, Edit > Paste, and select Match Style to apply the same technique.

Using the above method, you can comfortably copy and paste objects like shapes, text, boxes, and images from one file to another.

How to copy and paste an image on Mac?

Windows users may be familiar with the features used to copy the picture from one file to another.

Mac computer system has similar functionality. Instead of the Control button, the Mac computer clicks the Command button with the X. Use the “C” and “V” buttons to cut and paste the photo.

Drag and drop feature also available on the Mac computer, which makes copying the picture from one file to another super easy. Drag the photo to the page, and it will be copied.

Another way of copping the photo is to select the picture or highlight it. Then press Command + c to copy and Command + v to paste the file wherever you want.

Moreover, the Mac computer also has the right-click option on the picture where you can select the copy button and use it to paste the image to another file.

how to copy and paste a picture on a mac
how to copy and paste on mac

You can see many ways you can copy and paste the image without needing any third-party tool. Image quality will be preserved while copying it from one file to another, so you don’t have to worry about the final output.

How to copy and paste a picture on Mac from the internet?

There will be a situation where you are working on some projects, and now you need new images to add to the project file to make it look useful. Instead of uploading an image from the local computer, you may like to get the required images from the internet.

 In this case, downloading photos from the web would be the easiest solution. But the problem with the photos is that it may take time to download and upload them to your document on the Mac computer.

how to copy and paste on mac
how to copy and paste on mac

Therefore, the Mac operating system has come up with brilliant concepts that would save you time working on a live project.

There are several ways you can copy and paste the image from the internet and add them directly to your working file. One option is to click and hold the cursor on the image you have accessed on the web.

Drag the image straight to your desktop window. It will automatically download the image on your desktop computer. You will have the image download from the web in a few seconds, which you can upload to your project file.

Open your word document and go to the insert image section. It will open the new window. Select the image that you want to insert into your document.

 The file will be added immediately, and now you can optimize it as per your need. You can resize it, crop it, and rearrange it in your document to meet the file’s purpose.

how to copy and paste on mac
how to copy and paste on mac

Difference between windows and Mac copy methods

Both the operating system has many similarities in the functionality. You will find most of the processes you follow on windows are the same on the Mac computer.

The Mac OS developer has preserved the old methods’ aesthetic to avoid any confusion in the users when they shift from the windows to the Apple Mac computer.

One of the computer system’s core features, copied and paste files, is similar in both the computer system. However, the buttons may name differently, but the output it generates is the same.

No significant changes will notice in the Mac computer. We would say both the operating system has made the win-win situation for the computer users. Anyone can easily change their computer system from windows to Mac without needing training.

how to copy and paste on mac
how to copy and paste on mac


Use the given method whenever you get stuck in copying the text or the image from one file to another. Mac seems challenging to use when you newly shifted from windows to a Mac computer.

Still, as you continue using it, you will experience the Mac computer system has easy functionality compared to the window.

how to copy and paste on mac
how to copy and paste on mac

Many shortcuts function through the Command button. Read the manual of the Mac computer if you want to learn more shortcuts to increase your speed. Once you know essential shortcuts, you will be able to operate your laptop like pro users.

The productivity of the user goes up, and many standard solutions are listed in the manual. So every Mac user should learn the necessary shortcuts to use the Mac computer effectively.

how to copy and paste on mac

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