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The best guide on how to use control alt delete Mac?

Have you ever wonder how you will use the control alt delete Mac? Many of you who recently shifted from the windows computer to Mac would have this most common question in mind. No worries.

We will help find the task manager program on the MAC computer, so when you need the program next time, you would be able to access it immediately.

Use this shortcut key to open the Activity monitor window on your MAC computer.

Command (⌘) + Option (Alt) + Esc

Once the activity monitor window is opened, select the program that you want to close and hit the force quit from the top navigation to instruct the MAC OS to close the program running in the background.

It will proceed ahead to your instruction and complete the program making the MAC OS run smoothly again as usual.

control alt delete mac

What is control alt delete Mac?

The control alt delete, the windows task manager’s shortcut, would not work on the Mac computer. The MAC OS works differently compared to the windows operating system. On the MAC OS, the task manager has named the Activity Monitor program.

You could be able to monitor all the background activity on the Mac computer using this program.

The might be different on the MAC computer, but the application does the same job as the windows task manager.

The Activity Monitor shows you all the active files in the window. You can check the files and force closed the file that you do not require.

Once the file is completed, the application running in the background will be shut down. You can now operate your computer without needing to worry about the freezing problem.

What is the benefit of the Mac control alt delete?

Mac controls alt delete program, which is known as Activity Monitor, is the program that gives the user power to close any frozen program on the MAC computer. There will be an occasion when the MAC software gets freeze.

You will not be able to run the application smoothly. In such a case, the MAC computer would not allow you to access any other file until you close the frozen application.

control alt delete mac
control alt delete mac

The only way to stop the application process is to force close it from the Activity Monitor.

How to do control alt delete on Mac?

The simplest way to run the control alt delete on Mac or the Activity monitor is using the shortcut keys.

Use Command (⌘) + Option (Alt) + Esc shortcut key to open the activity monitor on the Apple Mac Computer. Remember that you have to hold the keys one by one to activate the program.

Activity Monitor is a similar application that you find on a Windows computer. Most of the features in the Activity Monitor are the same.

However, the name of the action would be different. For example, the end process on the window is changed to Force Quit on the MAC computer.

You should know these terms to avoid any trouble while using the Activity Monitor on the Mac.

What is the purpose of the Activity Monitor program on the Mac Computer?

Have you ever experience a freezing problem on your MAC computer. The program that you were running might have a heavy process file that needs high-end memory support to run it smoothly.

When you try to multitask on the MAC computer, the memory of the MAC system exists.

All the background files would be aligned in the queue, waiting for the execution.

In such a case, the Mac system would stop some programs from Activity until the files required to run the program reach the execution gate.

Meanwhile, your screen gets to freeze, and you will not do any activity on the MAC computer.

control alt delete mac

The time it takes to clear the background file would take a few seconds or hours, depending on the file’s size.

In such a situation, you only have two options, either shut the Mac computer and restart it to clear the background file or use the Activity Monitor to force quit the program that caused the problem.

The Force quit function moves the file from running, and your system goes back to normal.

The program overrides the application and clears the path for the other program to proceed to execution.

After completing the process, you will be able to run any application on the system without needing to restart your Mac computer. The activity monitoring programs save time.

Things to remember when you are using the Force Quit program on the Mac

The force quit program closes the selected file and makes room for the other files in the queue to run smoothly.

The one thing that you need to remember is the force quit program shut down all the selected program’s background processes.

It means all the files running on your computer will be closed. So any file that is not saved will be deleted. For example, if you try to force quit the excel file that is frozen.

Any data which was not saved before the freezing issue would be lost. You will not be able to recover the information again.

If you are willing to protect the data before closing it, wait for the queue to clear and let your computer settings back to normal.

This is the only way you can save your data from loss. However, it may take several minutes for the MAC OS to go back to the normal condition.

control alt delete mac

If you have an autosave function enabled on the program, that may come to the rescue in such an unexpected event. Browser windows used to force quit can be restored quickly.

You can use the restore close window option to go back to the same window again. Therefore, it is advisable that use the force to quit only as a last resort.

When to use alt control delete Mac?

The alt control deletes Mac, or the activity monitor can be used in various circumstances. Here are some of the reasons why you may have to use the alt control delete Mac.

control alt delete mac

1) Program freeze on the MAC computer, which not allowing you to access any other file.

2) Use an activity monitor to keep an eye on the background process. Sometimes the background application that is not in use consumes a high amount of memories.

Closing such a program would clear the path for the other program, and your computer would run smoothly.

3) Delete virus running in the background. Activity monitor also allows you to check the files that are running in the background.

Check for the file that does not look like the system file. The virus running in the environment may collect data from the open window and pass through the server to the host.

A data breach would lead to your data. In the worst case, the third party application would have your details, such as user name and password.

4) Clear the space by using the force quit instruction. If the memory space has reached its maximum capacity, your MAC computer will start slowing down.

You will be able to experience the slow output of the entered data or the file that generally opens instantly, taking too much time to load.

The reason would be the slow memory process. You might have to close some programs to clear some space.


Use the Activity Monitor program on the Mac frequently to keep your PC in good condition. You will be able to do complete more task when your computer process the data faster.

And you can learn more on keyboard shortcuts on mac watching the following video.

Mac keyboard shortcuts

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