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A quick guide to fix Spotify wrapped 2019 not working issue.

Spotify Wrapped 2019 is the most anticipated feature that has some glitch in it. Many users have reported that the elements are not working for them. The data that they were expecting in the Spotify Wrapped is not available.

Year-end is the time when the user waits for the review of their yearly stats and streaming data. People want to know what they have listened to this year, the songs they like the most, and the album that put busy throughout the year.

Their favorite artist and some other important that are missing because Spotify wrapped 2019 is not working.

Listen favorite music on Spotify

Users asking on Spotify wrapped 2019 not working

Many users have got the the similar problem Spotify wrapped 2019 not working issue. Anyway when you are paying a

spotify wrapped 2019 not working
spotify wrapped 2019 not working
spotify wrapped 2019 not working

How to fix Spotify wrapped 2019 not working problem?

People have started reporting the issue to the support team. Some users have posted the problem on social media sites claiming they can see the top songs list but not seeing other features.

People are frustrated with the situation as they all are paid users, and still, they do not have access to the essential elements.

The people closely connected to Spotify think the issue is with the large volume of users visiting the page simultaneously. The server of Spotify is not designed to handle large quantities at the time, making the feature not able to load the data.

Generally, Spotify releases the Wrapped list globally. The users from all around the world visit the page simultaneously as they immediately get the notification in the app. This may lead to server downtime in many countries, and users cannot access the data.

It would help if you waited for a while until the traffic goes down. Try after some time and see if you can able to visit the page. You might be able to access all your statistics as usual. If the issue persists, you can contact the support team of Sportify and ask them for the cause of the problems.

Spotify wrapped 2019
Spotify wrapped 2019 | listen your favorite music

The Spotify year’s solution in review 2019 wrapped not working address by the Support team member of the Spotify on the forum.

Follow these step by step guide and see it solves Spotify wrapped 2019 not working problem.

1) The web browser installed on your device must be of the latest version. Check for the update and reinstall it before you access the Spotify Wrapped 2019.

2) If the web browser doesn’t work, then try using another browser or device. Log in to your Spotify account on the other device and check whether the Wrapped 2019 list is accessible.

3) Another solution is to visit Wrapped Hub in the app. You can get this setting by searching in the app.

App issues:

1) You should reinstall the new version of the application on your device. Delete the existing Spotify app and download the application from the app store.

2) Alternatively, restart the app again and see if the issue resolves.

3) Login or logout to the application to clean the cache and regenerate the entries in the app. Login will reconnect the app with the server and provide you the data instantly.

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However The Spotify customer service account on twitter(@Spotifycares) replied to one user that she should try to open the feature in an incognito internet browser.

Why Spotify Wrapped famous among the users?

Spotify music streaming app is known for the worldwide collection of great music. It tries to lure its users with an extraordinary personalized music listening experience.

Since the Launch of Spotify wrapped, the users have become connected to this feature. The Spotify wrapped is design to track the user’s behavior and accumulate the data throughout the year. It checks the popular songs and artists in your playlist that you have listened to most often.

The Spotify intelligent software tracks your activity and creates the analytical report, which is then presented as the Spotify Wrapped at the end of each year. If you are a Spotify user and regularly use the application, you will also start receiving the wrapped list every year.

It is always fun to check what you have listened to this year. The artist you follow might be unknown to you. Spotify provides more information about your favorite artist and gives you a chance to connect with more songs sung by the artist.

spotify extension
Spotify on mobile

The type of songs you listen also tracked and a similar playlist is recommended to enjoy the new collection next year.

Spotify Wrapped also considers the time you spend listening to the songs. Hence, you can see you’re analytic in your Spotify account and check how was your journey throughout the year. The system breakdowns the music you listened into a specific genre-fluid.

It will arrange the playlist by the top genre to the least used genre based on the recorded data. This will tell you what kind of songs you are inclined to. The wrapped has extended to the other features as well that include the podcasts. It gives you inside data of the artist and the popular playlist year as per the listening habit.

How to get Spotify Wrapped 2019

You can also see this video and get a clear idea on how to get spotify wrapped 2019.

How to get Spotify Wrapped 2019

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