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Best guide to learn on Windows modules installer worker?

The latest Windows operating software comes with advanced functionality such as automatic update, error fixing, alien file detection, and many other essential background processes that keep your Windows computer in good health. The windows applications are design to protect your laptop and crucial personal files from hack and viruses.

You might be familiar with the auto-update that prompts a new update available for your device whenever there is a new update. These updates let you fix some of the early bugs in your computer and provide seamless operating service.

People who are not aware of the windows background process sometimes freak out when they see a new application running in their taskbar. In many cases, you will notice these application names are weird (TiWorker.exe).

windows modules installer worker
Windows Update

The names of these applications are very confusing. People who do not want to take risk immediately do a Google search by asking the online users what are windows modules, installer worker? Do they harm the computer?

The windows modules installer worker is the windows application that runs the auto-update in the background. It automatically syncs with the windows server and checks for the latest update frequently. Windows modules worker updates any new update without harming your current operations.

Your seamless operation on the computer results from the automatic update performed by the windows modules installer worker. The software’s primary job is to remove the bug from the computer and replace the corrupt file from the computer keeping it update to date all the time.

Does Windows modules installer worker is virus or malware?

No. The Windows modules installer worker is not a virus or malware. It is windows authentic application that runs when there is a windows update available for download. 

The primary objective of the application is the check the windows server frequently for new updates. 

windows modules installer worker high disk
Windows modules installer worker is virus or malware?

So if you see the Windows modules installer worker running on your computer, you do not have to worry about the application.

You can even run the virus scan on your computer to verify the application. The windows defender software detects any application which is not part of the windows application library.

You will get a notification of the exact location of the file. You can take action by deleting the application from the computer, making it safe.

Windows modules installer worker consumes high disk and memory.

When windows modules installer worker activated in your computer, it checks for the new update. The process runs between the windows server and your PC. 

It automatically detects the new file and starts installing the files in the background. During the download process, the computer uses internet connectivity.

It may consume your CPU power to boost the download and installation process on your computer. You may encounter the operation slows down while the installation is in progress. 

windows modules installer worker high cpu
Task Manager

Computer memory consumption goes high during the download process and restricts other query operations, making your computer stop other functions.

Therefore, you should keep track of the unusual slow down while using the computer. You can check the background process in the taskbar menu. See if there is any background application consuming the CPU memory.

Another way to manage the CPU usage is halting all the automatic updates and perform any essential update at midnight. You can stop the automatic windows update by changing the setting in the windows file.

Check for other files as well that requires a frequent update in your PC. Managing your update at your time would make your computer secure, and you do not have to stop your important work during the day. 

You can solve your windows modules installer worker high CPU problem by using the wise management practice.

What are tiworker.exe windows modules installer workers?

The windows files come with various names. We still don’t know why windows developers choose such a strange name while developing the application. They can have a simple series of the name or the name that begins with the word windows, so people who view the computer application know that it belongs to the windows files.

Anyway, the tiworker.exe windows modules installer worker is the file that is responsible for the windows update. The software applications require regular updates. The software developer keeps fixing the early bugs in the software and releases the upgrade version of it. These files are then made available for Windows users.

tiworker.exe windows modules installer worker
tiworker.exe windows modules installer worker

When you start your computer, the tiworker.exe windows modules installer worker checks for the latest update. If it finds a new file in the database, it connects to the windows official server and starts downloading the new file.

The new file replaces the old one, and the updated file is executed successfully. All the process happens automatically, so you do not have to perform the task manually. Without involving you in the process, the windows software does its job in the background.

You can also read the Microsoft thread to get a clear understanding of why tiworker.exe is important.

Windows modules installer worker 100 disk problem

It is unusual to see the disk reaches its ultimate limit of 100 CPU usages while performing a specific task. Many online users report the Windows modules installer worker 100 disk problem.

The CPU reaches the 100 disks because of the high amount of download required to perform the task.

windows modules installer worker 100 disk
Windows modules installer worker 100 disk

The windows automatic update is performing the background task by analyzing your computer configuration. When the file requires more computing power to download and update the existing windows file, it turns to the disk’s high consumption. 

Although the process is ubiquitous in the computer during the update, you should check your configuration while running the update.

The low storage space might also be the reason why your disk reaches 100 percent. Usually, the new windows update is installed in the existing folder. 

Therefore, it would require more disk space and memory to execute the task. If your computer has a standard configuration, then the application might not get sufficient operating power to accomplish the task.

There are various ways you can clear the space for the windows to download and reduce the disk usage dramatically.

Following step by step guide would help you stop some of the files that are not in use and let the windows use the free memory while installing the new update.

1) Go task manager window. You can do this by holding Ctrl + Alt + Delete. The open windows will have a task manage option. Click on it, and it will take you to the task manager window.

2) Next go to process. At the top of the section, you will see the current application running on your computer. Below that, there will be applications that are running in the background. Most of the background application would be related to the operation of the window.

Remember that do not stop or change any activity without knowing the file’s importance. Deleting or halting the windows files would prevent your computer or, in the worst case, it will shut down automatically.

3) Once you are in the task manager, check for the active application located on the top section. Close applications that are not in use. 

Save before closing the file to avoid data loss. You complete the application by clicking the right button on the app and select the end task.

4) Now, move to the background process. Check for any known application installed on your computer, such as Google Chrome, Skype, Team manager, etc. 

windows modules installer worker
Task Manager Windows – Background processes

These are third party application which runs in the background when not in use. Close the application similarly as you did for the previous application.

5) Once all the applications are stopped. You will notice a drastic drop in CPU usage. The application that was consuming the memory is not stopped cleaning the space for the windows update.

Now when there is more space to use, the windows update can perform faster than usual. Windows will complete the update quickly.

Stopping not in use applications would solve the windows modules installer worker high memory issue in your computer.

How to disable Automatic Windows updates?

If you are not willing to run the Windows modules installer worker while working on your computer, then the best way to stop the application from operating is to disable it. 

However, this is not recommended, but if it is creating a problem during your working hour, then disabling it would be the final option that you have left in the end.

Windows Update
Windows Update

The tool activates the function automatically whenever it detects the windows update. It automatically starts the update without notifying the users in the background. The process could be sober, and it will consume a fair amount of your computing power.

Here are the steps that you can follow to disable the windows updates

1) Type run in the start menu. Or click the Windows key with R on your system.

2) After that, type “services.msc”. Next, click on the OK button.


3) Use the search box and type the “Windows Module Installer.” Now open the manual from the drop-down to access more options. In the default setting, the system is set automatically, or in some computers, the environment will be the workload.

4) Next, find the tab and double click on the windows update option to open the setting.

5) In the new window, select the startup type to manual. If it has a disable option, then set it to disable the application.

6) Press OK to save the setting

7) In the final step, restart your computer to allow the setting gets updated in the system. Now the Windows update option may have become inactive. 

It will not bother you anymore. It would be best to take care of the software’s manual update to keep your system up to date.

Why windows modules installer worker requires more system CPU or disk memories?

The windows modules installer is one of the windows applications that run all the time in the background. It is always searching for the update on the windows service. 

During the searching process, it uses internet data to perform its search. The application is the automated software located on your system.

The software is similar to the other software that you download on your computer. As you are aware, every software requires computer memory and disk space to perform its task. 

Windows Settings
Windows Settings

The windows modules installer has not exceptional to this requirement. It also seeks the required memory from the system and the disk space to get the windows update.

The software is instructed to perform the update task on high priority, even if you are working on your computer. The reason for giving ti preeminent role is to protect your computer from recently detected viruses and malware.

Windows operating system collects the information from all the computers that are running on the Windows OS. Whenever it detects common malware issues on the user’s computer, one patch update to solve the bigger virus problem is develop and made available for the windows users.

It is crucial to update your windows software to avoid the virus from getting installed. Once thee is a virus on your computer, it may shut down the windows update or corrupt the file on your computer. 

You may no longer have windows real-time service that protects the information from hackers.

That’s why the windows software gives utmost priority to the new update and keeps all the running applications on secondary importance to prevent a data breach from the computer.

Is windows OS provide a manual setting to update time?

Windows also provide a manual setting to change the update time, so it would not disturb you while working on your system. You can set the midnight time and keep your PC on while windows will update the required files and automatically shut down the computer.

Another reason why the windows modules installer worker takes time is the difference in the time zone. Windows servers are located worldwide. 

In some cases, the Microsoft application runs in a different time zone, and your computer runs in the regional time. The mismatch in the local time zone may cause the issue while downloading the new update. Some upgrades may get left out if the computer is shut down during the update.

Windows Update
Windows Update

When you start the computer, the windows modules installer worker initiates the download process and continues the download again from the beginning. 

Therefore, you may see long hours to download a single file. The application normally gets stuck in the loop where more resources are consumed during the download process.

Disk Drive error behind the high CPU usage

Ensuing the problem of the high CPU usage is not the reason for the disk drive errors. The corrupted Disk drive files require replacement with the new one that drives the application. When such an issue occurs, the high disk usage causes the problem, and the system becomes unresponsive.

Usually, You will notice the disk and CPU reaching 100% usage. The other application may encounter the freezing problem. You will not be to perform simple tasks on your computer.

You can check the disk drive error with the windows CHKDSK common. When you run this common in the standard module, windows perform a disk check procedure. It analyzes the problem and notifies you of the error in the disk. 

CHKDSK Command

The bad sector is fixed, and the corrupt file is updated. Once the disk problem is resolved, the high disk usage would go down, and the system will normalize the operation.

You can set a scheduled disk check to avoid disk problems in the future. The system will run an automatic sequence to check the disk usage, overall health, and corrupt file. 

You will notice, the problem will be solved immediately, keeping your system ready for the work. Remember to restart the computer when you download or update windows files. The system needs a reboot to apply the changes.

When windows detect the problem with the existing disk, it reports to the user. The system automatically gets restart to protect your files. During the restart process, the missing file is installed. 

The error files are fixed, and the final repair is conducted to upgrade the existing files. You will smooth the functionality of the system file after the issue is resolved. Your computer will no longer have a technical problem.


Being aware of the windows file would enable you to stop specific programs running in the background. It will increase the efficiency of your computer. You will never have the same problem again and you will able to work on your computer with ease.

Manage your computer like pro users and take control of the application that is running on your system. Also, be aware of the fake application that looks similar to the windows file. You do not need to get confused seeing such a file running in the background. 

Do facts check before taking action and keep your computer safe from the virus and malware. People who maintain good practice while using their computer never face such an issue in their system.

You can also watch the following video on windows modules installer worker.

windows modules installer worker

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